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I made this after visiting a forum the other day 

I dedicate this video to all straight males 

I love how even in this small sample of rhetoric comments you can see brodudes co-operating by providing completely different narratives with the same goal.

  • The women in League of Legends are totally not sexualized! At all!
  • Women are naturally sexualized so they should be depicted as sexy all the time!

Reminder: This is the same demographic that are currently rioting because they claim games journalism doesn’t have enough integrity.

- wincenworks

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u know what i would really like to see, is a photorealistic drawing as good as one of your portraits but of an original character. to me that's the test of real talent. just a thought.



Your thoughts are stupid.

hey guess what anon

you kind of need to use photos to make a truly photorealistic portrait.

note the “photo” part. it’s part of the word “photorealistic.” As in, that’s what photorealistic painters use as reference in their paintings. You could make an “original character,” but to get the photorealistic effect that Euclase gets, it would either need to be based off of an actual person, or cobbled together from various photo references, because that’s how it works if you want to achieve that result. 

and also guess what, it takes a TON of skill and talent to pull that off. It is super fricking hard and takes a lot of hard work. 

also guess what. no one cares what you personally would like to see, or what you personally think is a test of talent. No one is obligated to perform to your specifications.